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HOME - A ritual theatre production rooted in artistic activism that gives a voice to the sanctity of the earth and her precious resources.

Eclectica returns with another innovative ritual theater production that promises to resonate deeply with the heart of humanity, working with the mediums of dance,  psychedelic visual displays, and ritual-based movement to illuminate our interconnectedness with the Earth and all living things.

"Home" serves as a poignant invitation to rekindle our awareness of the pivotal role we hold within our planet's delicate ecosystem. It prompts audience members to contemplate their distinct relationship with safety, stability, and nourishment, all while embracing their role as custodians of the Earth within an era where Earth's resources are alarmingly imperiled and at risk.

Many individuals have encountered fractures and ruptures in their relationship with "home," an environment intended to provide the essential nurturing and support for our well-being. These disruptions can lead to a sense of unwellness, which is mirrored in the current condition of our true Mother - Earth.

“What does home mean to you, and how does your relationship to home reflect in your relationship to earth?”

Eclectica endeavors to merge primordial wisdom with contemporary artistry, seamlessly weaving a narrative of hope, faith, and unity in the hearts of their receivers through visionary dance, captivating choreography and the time-honored tradition of storytelling through movement..,

Visionary dance embodies the concept of harmonizing with the body as a conduit for the divine and limitless expression of life. This practice enables individuals to transcend self and become a mirror for hope, transformative energies, and deep spiritual change. Acting as a bridge between worlds, it beckons one to elevate their awareness beyond the confines of the material realm, encouraging exploration of esoteric aspects of existence.

This production is rooted in intention, prayer, and artistic activism, aiming to foster awareness and reverence for our planet as a sentient entity that shares a symbiotic relationship with humanity. As long as we are ensnared by the negative influences of greed, capitalism, addiction, dissociation, and corruption, our actions will perpetuate the destruction that plagues this sacred planet, our true abode.

The world-renowned dancers of Eclectica Core will be accompanied on stage by the dedicated students of Eclectica School of WombCraft and Visionary Dance. In an unprecedented collaboration with our dear brothers who have joined the Eclectica lineage for the first time ever. We are excited and thrilled to be presenting this production through the lens of the village.

We invite you to partake in an evening infused with artistry, ritual prayer-performance and storytelling.


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  • Wednesday, 15 May 2024 | 07:00 PM - 08:30 PM
  • Thursday, 16 May 2024 | 07:00 PM - 08:30 PM